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Training Your Employees in 2016

Posted by Julie King on Dec 15, 2015, 11:00:00 AM

Supervisory TrainingTrending over the past six months of WIRE-Net blog posts and other social media is a palpable urgency to develop employee talent and skills, and train the front line supervisors and company leaders of tomorrow.

Because WIRE-Net teams are working daily with manufacturing companies like yours, we know that we have to balance your training interests with operation production schedules, employee time, budget, and return on investment.

You want to choose the day and topic of interest that fits into your life. We get it!

We all like flexibility and choices in our lives. I think that is why WIRE-Net seminars, plant tours and Lunch 'n' Learns average 40 (different) people each time, even though there are now over 350 WIRE-Net members.

WIRE-Net wants to step up the number and depth of learning opportunities, but we need your help to do it. Will you please take a quick look at our Training page and tell me what is missing from your training agenda! Hint: ISO recertification, Supervisory Training II, product innovation, project management, etc.

And while you're there, please look up the cost and time commitment and add WIRE-Net training to your work plans and 2016 budget.

Group Learning Highlights

WIRE-Net convenes expert-led and peer-to-peer learning groups that cover topics relevant to your company growth and profitability.

  • Develop your employee skills and certifications using the best subject matter experts we know and you can trust
  • As the owner or company leader, share your expertise while inspiring your team to take on project ownership
  • Build professional relationships that can last for years

Manufacturers prefer to connect with each other and learn peer to peer. Learners Groups have led to real results, because of the peer pressure inherent in these small groups, plus the time pressure of the six-month curriculum with project deliverables. Owners are more than pleased with results. Words of praise and recommendation for the Learners Group platform by Mark Dawson, President, Cleveland Steel Tool Co.,

"The greatest benefit to Cleveland Steel Tool has been spreading the gospel of Lean and 5S past the senior management level, to allow foremen and machine operators to hear from their peers about the benefits of the process. Sharing ideas within a controlled environment is a far superior learning technique than internet videos or classroom pedagogues."

I personally attended all four session of the ERC Supervisory Training, returning in March and September 2016. I witnessed strong engagement, lively discussions, and several of the companies sending employees for the second and third time. 100% of attendees surveyed either agreed or strongly agreed that the program material was well organized, useful as a resource guide, and that the knowledge acquired would help optimize their overall job performance.

Here is a short list of courses we've put together just for you!

  • Growth Workshop Series – Value Proposition, Building a Better Website, Filling Unused Capacity, Strategies for Attracting & Retaining the Best Employees
  • ERC Supervisory Certificate Series I
  • Implementation Groups – Safety, Lean, Sales and Marketing, and Business Continuity
  • CEO Roundtables (designed for both less than 25 employees and more than 25 employees)
  • Company Policies for the 21st Century – update policies to keep you out of hot water!

Currently, workforce issues are top of mind. The average age of a Cleveland manufacturing worker is 53, so WIRE-Net has added training initiatives, and is working with other regional stakeholders to develop a modern apprenticeship program to train industrial maintenance mechanics. Stay tuned! Whatever challenges the future holds for Cleveland and its manufacturers, you have a trusted partner that will be ready to work toward a solution.

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