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The "Like Factor" PITFALL of a Bad Hire

Posted by Greg Reynolds on Mar 14, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Several years ago, the Director of Development at a nonprofit where I served on the board left to go to a larger organization, “Mary,” the Founder and Executive Director, immediately embarked on a search for the Development Director’s replacement.

It wasn’t long before Mary was excited to present the credentials of the “perfect candidate,” “Evelyn,” to the board. When I questioned her qualifications, Mary responded, “I have known her personally for some time. She is from the community where we are housed, worked for and is still connected to a prominent local politician…. and I really like her!”

Evelyn was terminated for cause less than six months after she was hired.

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10 is the New 9

Posted by Vic Ing on Sep 2, 2015 2:13:56 PM

When is the last time you raised entry level pay rates? Don’t guess. Look it up. If you haven’t adjusted pay rates in the last three years, chances are you are not keeping up with your competition. As a result, you are most likely experiencing excessive turnover which in turn has lead to increased training costs, habitual hiring demands and possibly even quality issues for your customers.

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