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Study Shows Ohio Leads Midwest in Clean Energy Manufacturing Jobs

Posted by John Colm, WIRE-Net President and Executive Director on Mar 25, 2016 11:13:22 AM

Over 28,000 Ohio clean energy jobs can be found in manufacturing, and of those, nearly 7,700 are in the solar sector and 1,138 are in wind.  This is the most manufacturing jobs of any of the states included in the Clean Jobs Midwest survey released today.  Nationally, each manufacturing job creates another 5.6 additional jobs, so NE Ohio’s Clean Energy sector drives a total of over 150,000 jobs. Ohio firms make everything from solar panels and wind turbine generators and fasteners, to roof and ground mounted solar racking systems and more.

Nearly 25% of Ohio’s 100,783 clean energy jobs are located in the 7 counties surrounding Cleveland. 

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Manufacturer Stories Shed Light on the Negative Impact of Ohio's Energy Policy

Posted by John Colm, WIRE-Net President and Executive Director on Sep 18, 2015 11:00:00 AM

It's time to lead. WIRE-Net talks to legislators and policy makers.

In an effort to bring attention to the disconnect between Ohio's policymakers and the many manufacturers that drive the clean energy economy in the state, WIRE-Net has released a new Clean Energy web page showcasing real-world examples of jobs lost, new business forfeited, and niche production abandoned because of the state's rollback of renewable energy standards.

Featured is a report just released on Ohio's Energy Future Tour, an opportunity for Ohioans to discuss the positive economic impact of clean energy technologies in their lives and communities. The tour demonstrates how Ohio can transition to a clean energy economy that will reduce costs and create jobs.

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