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Small Business Owners Get 7 Keys to Growing Sustainable Profits

Posted by Julie King on Feb 2, 2016 10:47:55 AM

I joined several small business owners Saturday morning who were eager to learn more from Maximum Value Partners (MVP), Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter, and their 7 Keys to Success. Together they have coached hundreds of small companies to stop losing money, improve marketing and presentation skills, grow through acquisition, button down SOPs, and most of all inspire owners to see themselves as winners.

Adam at flipchart

Jack believes that a business owner can achieve anything he or she wants to accomplish in 10 years - using Zappos as an example of a company that started from nothing and grew to one billion in revenue in ten years.

My #1 takeaway: Make your business tangible. If you can’t articulate your story - your people, profits and future – then your business is out of control.

To achieve success, listen and act on these 7 Keys from MVP:
  1. State your VISION for 10 years out in present tense, no more than 3 paragraphs
  2. Develop your PROFIT PLAN, an excel spreadsheet showing your profits monthly on the top line
  3. Write a MARKETING PLAN that segments your target markets and communicates your products/services so your business can be quickly understood
  4. Develop an ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN that assigns everything in the business to someone
  5. Decide what LEADERSHIP style best serves your company and build it
  6. Know your 90 day CASH FLOW
  7. Develop your company PRESENTATION, a snapshot of your business to use to sell yourself, get a million dollar loan, build more sales, etc.

From simple to complex, only the owner knows all the moving parts that make a  successful company: planning, people and the numbers.

Learn more at MVP website.

MVP will be facilitating a peer learning group for an exclusive number of WIRE-Net small business owners later this spring. Owners will have a no cost – no obligation, face to face interview with Jack and Adam to assess the value of participation. If you want fee and registration information, please contact Julie King at 216.588.1438.

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