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Posted by Manufacturing Works on Dec 11, 2019 3:14:06 PM

Building Permit

DAR PRO Solutions provides rendering, recycling, and recovery solutions for the food industry. With 40 full-time employees and over $50M in sales, the Cleveland facility will soon be celebrating 100 years since the Ira C. Darling & Company expanded into the Great Lakes region.

Hoping to construct a new maintenance building on their Beltline Avenue property, the company was reluctant to start the process. The last time the company built a new facility on their property, the permitting process was so challenging that they had to hire an outside company to manage the project, incurring additional expenses. Hoping to avoid those expenses this time, the Plant Manager contacted the Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (CIRI) for guidance.

The CIRI Industrial Development Manager explained that the City's Building and Housing Department is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment to review project plans and details, provide specific direction, advise on proceeding through the permitting and construction phases of a project, and answer any questions the company may have prior to beginning the new construction project. Not only did the CIRI Manager arrange an appointment, but she also attended the meeting to review plans and discuss construction requirements and schedules. DAR PRO is quite pleased with the assistance the CIRI Manager provided and commented that "her expertise made the planning of this project much and easier."

If you operate a manufacturing business in the City of Cleveland, and would like to talk to a CIRI Industrial Development Manager, contact Tom Birkel, Manufacturing Works' Vice President of Manufacturing Services, at 216.920.1953.


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