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Posted by Manufacturing Works on Sep 19, 2019 2:30:48 PM


The Nestlé Corporation made the decision to transfer the production of their successful Coffee-Mate line to their W. 25th Street facility in Cleveland, creating the need to expand the operation. The expansion required the addition of two new silos to store raw materials to produce the product. Immediately, the company reach out to the Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (CIRI) to help them navigate several obstacles.

First, fire hydrants and power poles had to be moved before the construction could begin. The CIRI Industrial Development Manager contacted the City of Cleveland outlining the situation and explaining the urgency of getting the hydrants and poles relocated. Additionally, the CIRI Manager contacted the City Streets Department to coordinate the temporary closing of a nearby side street during the project. After completion of this first phase of the project, the CIRI Manager helped with obtaining the necessary permits from the Department of Building & Housing to get the actual expansion phase of the project underway.

The construction phase is nearing completion and will result in 10 to 15 new jobs initially, with the potential for more after the initial startup is concluded. This Nestlé location had lost two product lines in the recent past, but the addition of the Coffee-Mate product line has stabilized the Cleveland location and the 200+ jobs there.


The positive outcome of the project has paved the way for the company to add more product lines to the Cleveland facility in the future. Nestlé management was extremely grateful for the expertise and support provided by their CIRI Industrial Development Manager on this important project.

If you operate a manufacturing business in the City of Cleveland, and would like to talk to a CIRI Industrial Development Manager, contact Tom Birkel, Manufacturing Works' Vice President of Manufacturing Services, at 216.920.1953.


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