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Study Shows Ohio Leads Midwest in Clean Energy Manufacturing Jobs

Posted by John Colm, WIRE-Net President and Executive Director on Mar 25, 2016 11:13:22 AM

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CJM_Social_Card_Midwest.png Over 28,000 Ohio clean energy jobs can be found in manufacturing, and of those, nearly 7,700 are in the solar sector and 1,138 are in wind.  This is the most manufacturing jobs of any of the states included in the Clean Jobs Midwest survey released today.  Nationally, each manufacturing job creates another 5.6 additional jobs, so NE Ohio’s Clean Energy sector drives a total of over 150,000 jobs. Ohio firms make everything from solar panels and wind turbine generators and fasteners, to roof and ground mounted solar racking systems and more.

Nearly 25% of Ohio’s 100,783 clean energy jobs are located in the 7 counties surrounding Cleveland. 

Illinois based Clean Energy Trust released its Clean Jobs Midwest survey results today.  The research looked at the state of Clean Energy jobs, policies, and sectors across 12 mid-western states, including Ohio.

The research, conducted by BW Research Partnership, which conducted a similar study in May 2015, found over 100,000 clean energy jobs in Ohio, where nearly 78% of the jobs are in energy efficiency sectors.  This sector includes various kinds of insulation (fiberglass for example), as well as many other technologies. 

The fact that Federal investment and production tax credits were extended, on top of the roughly 2-dozen states with their own Renewable Energy Portfolio and Energy Efficiency Standards, is helping the US keep its hand in this fast growing, innovative clean energy sector.  Ohio could be doing even better if Governor Kasich can persuade the Ohio Legislature to melt the freeze it put on Ohio’s Renewables and Efficiency standards. Ohio's clean energy job growth is projected to slow to under 5% due to the policy changes and uncertainty created by the Ohio Legislature's freeze of Ohio's clean energy and efficiency standards.

WIRE-Net’s Board of Directors has gone on record this year both opposing the big utility bail outs now before the Public Utilities Commission, and supporting reinstatement of the State’s smart renewable and efficiency standards.  In doing so, WIRE-Net Board members recognized that not only do the energy policies help fuel a new innovative industry and encourage it to take root here in NE Ohio, but the standards help companies hedge against the rising cost of electricity.

Join us!  Please visit our Manufacturing Clean Energy page to see what WIRE-Net is doing and how you can get involved.

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