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Nottingham Spirk's Creative Spark

Posted by WIRE-Net on Mar 15, 2018 1:13:16 PM

Since their inception in 1972, Nottingham Spirk has secured over 1,000 commercialized patents, and they have helped to form new consumer product companies such as Little Tikes, Dirt Devil, and SpinBrush. In the last few years, the firm has been focused on bleeding edge medical start-ups that change patients' lives, including two companies that were recently purchased by Medtronic and Cardinal Health. In addition, they have established relationships with over 100 global manufacturing and materials partners, a critical success factor in their impressive commercialization rate.

Everything about Nottingham Spirk is organized around their Vertical Innovation™ product development process and real-time innovation training. The Nottingham Spirk Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio is large enough to house every resource and every type of expertise that their project teams need including user research, focus group facilitation, business strategy,  industrial design, biomedical, electrical & mechanical engineers, CAD development, sourcing & manufacturing coordination, patent strategy, prototype development, software information architecture, and user experience. The center’s seamless integration with the entire product development process ensures that no opportunity to improve on the original design or to control costs will be missed.

 Nottingham Spirk.png

Pictured above is an image of the Nottingham Spirk Innovation Center. Learn more about the building’s design here.

During this week's networking tour of the Innovation Center our tour guides showed us some of the products that have been created thanks to the creativity of Nottingham Spirk. One of the favorite stories from the afternoon was about the work Nottingham Spirk did with Sherwin Williams Company and its CEO at the time, Christopher Connor, to create the now trademarked Twist and Pour paint container. We learned that because the entire company and its CEO were open to new ideas and their team was willing to pursue them, they were able to do something that had not been done to paint in 100 years. This story proved the time tested theory that culture is the single most important indicator of an organization’s ability to innovate.

View photos from our March 15th networking tour of the 60,000 square foot Innovation Center.

IMG_1674.jpg                    IMG_1676-013149-edited.jpg

We hope you will consider joining us on April 26th for our Annual Meeting luncheon to celebrate manufacturing innovation and growth in Greater Cleveland. This year's must-attend event will feature the father-son team of John Nottingham and Bill Nottingham two principals at Cleveland-based design and business innovation firm Nottingham Spirk. Our celebration will feature special recognition of WIRE-Net’s 30 years supporting, strengthening, and promoting the Greater Cleveland manufacturing community. Hope to see you there!


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