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Nothing to Negotiate on Cleveland-only 85% Increase in Minimum Wage

Posted by John Colm, WIRE-Net President and Executive Director on Jul 25, 2016 3:17:08 PM

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently published an editorial concerning the proposed Cleveland-only 85% increase in the City’s minimum wage.

The editorial pointed out several flaws in the approach being proposed.  WIRE-Net’s survey of its Cleveland-based manufacturing stakeholders indicates that the proposal would push jobs and investment out of Cleveland.  The proposal would either force neighborhood grocery stores, which operate with razor-thin margins, to close, or move out of Cleveland.  Those that remained would be forced to raise prices as they attempt to remain profitable, increasing costs for Cleveland seniors who survive largely on fixed incomes.  A Cleveland-only law will put the city at a competitive disadvantage as it tries to attract investment and jobs to the city.

Clevelanders Against Job Loss is organizing to oppose this wrong-headed proposal that a Columbus based organization is pushing, and has organized a broad coalition of small businesses, restaurants, grocery stores, and neighborhood development organizations to try to bring some common sense to this issue.  WIRE-Net, the Cleveland District of the Precision Metalforming Association, and the Ohio Association of Metal Finishers are opposing the proposal as it would harm our members and stakeholders located in Cleveland, and would benefit competitors located outside of Cleveland.

Meanwhile, the Plain Dealer says that the City should negotiate with the petitioners.  The time for negotiation was before the petitioners forced this on the City.  A Cleveland-only law cannot be negotiated.  The petitioners should withdraw the petition – then perhaps there will be something to discuss.

Get the facts! View the Clevelanders Against Job Loss minimum wage proposal fact sheet.


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