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Meet Yasir Alhaimus-NOMAC Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice

Posted by WIRE-Net on Jun 12, 2018 9:16:52 AM

Yasir Alhaimus – NOMAC Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice (U.S. Cotton)

Yasir is 29 years old.  He currently resides in Cleveland with his brother and parents, but immigrated to the United States in 2015.  He had an extensive education prior to immigrating including a Bachelor Degree in Technology (Computer Science) from a university in New Delhi, India.  According to Yasir, when he arrived in the U.S., it was very difficult for him to obtain a job in his field.  Few employers would recognize his degree and he lacked any professional experience in his field on study.

Once he obtained a worker’s permit, he started as a taxi driver for about a year to earn a living.  He was hired by U.S. Cotton in February 2017 as a Packer.  This is an entry-level position paying minimum wage.  He received one pay increase to $10/hr (when Ohio minimum wage increased).  He was excited when the company posted the opportunity for the apprenticeship program. 

Yasir was one of several candidates that expressed a strong interest to pursue the NOMAC apprenticeship program when launched at U.S. Cotton in September 2017.  After passing some internal screening process, he successfully passed the mechanical aptitude assessment, and we were able to enroll him in Tri-C apprenticeship training classes and register him with the State in October 2017.  He completed 2 courses during Fall, 2017 semester at Tri-C and scored straight A’s in the classes completed.  He is taking 3 additional courses this Spring, 2018, and then will be 45% complete on all apprenticeship coursework.  This coursework will provide him not only the apprenticeship completion certificate (Journeyperson’s Card), also he will be only 4 credits short of a Mechatronic Certificate and 80% towards an Associate Degree in Integrated Systems Engineering Technology.

Yasir began his employment at U.S. Cotton making a minimum wage $10/hr.  He received a significant increase (50%) once enrolled in the program and is now making $15/hr.   He will receive an additional increase to $17.50 (Year 2), $20/hr. (Year 3) and $22.50/hr. (year 4).  Upon program completion his journeyperson pay rate will be $25/hr. (150% increase from starting pay rate).

Visit our website to learn more about NOMAC apprenticeship programs or contact Michael Hoag, WIRE-Net Vice President of Workforce Development and Apprenticeship Coordinator at (216) 920-1958 mhoag@wire-net.org.



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