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Introducing Sensors and Real-Time Data into a Classic Business

Posted by Manufacturing Works on Oct 18, 2019 7:45:00 AM

Gotta Groove Records

Gotta Groove Records, a Manufacturing Works Member Since 2013, is a hidden treasure in Northeast Ohio. From its downtown Cleveland location, the company is celebrating ten years of serving the resurgent record album market as an innovative independent pressing plant. Featuring proprietary quality control and responsive service, Gotta Groove markets to artists and music distributors as the best choice for "When You Want Your Records Loud [Enough] But Your Vinyl Quiet."

The company's explosive growth creates problems, and Manufacturing Works' Ed Weston talked with Gotta Groove's Vince M. Slusarz about a new idea to improve plant throughput. Vince recently installed a series of digital sensors that measure and upload machine operating information to the cloud, which then provides him real-time information and analysis on machine utilization.

Q: What's your current role at Gotta Groove?

A: As Production Manager, I handle every aspect of production, from scheduling to shipping.

Q: What's unique about your business?

A: Gotta Groove is one of only a handful of vinyl record pressing plants in the country. We're the most quality-focused plant in the industry. We have managed to maintain a small company culture where people can come talk to their boss at any time.

Q: What operational problem are you trying to solve?

A: We know that there are areas where we lose production time. Anything we can do to reduce downtime should enable us to produce more records. Our goal is to improve turn-around time to customers by increasing plant efficiency.

Q: Why did you decide to try digital machine tracking technology?

A: We wanted a better way to track actual machine efficiencies, and we needed a solution that could work on our older technology presses. When we first saw the equipment, and the way that it would attach to any piece of production equipment, we decided to install one to find out if it would work.

It did. We started in February and are now using these units on three of our production presses. We track uptime by machine by month, and we're using the information to find inefficiencies in our processes.

Q: What changes have you made so far?

A: The first was to the way we schedule lunch. By making small changes, we're now able to keep the machines running. More uptime means we're becoming a more efficient plant.

I'm sure there will be more.

Q: How are your people reacting to this technology?

A: It's positive. The data shows the improvements we're getting in uptime. People see that their hard work is paying off.

Q: What role did Manufacturing Works play for you in all this?

A: We learned about this technology by watching an online webinar of yours last spring. We reached out, and things progressed from there.

If you are interested in learning more about machine utilization tracking or exploring how other new digital technologies can increase your plant's effectiveness, contact Ed Weston at 216.920.1965.

Gotta Groove Records

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