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Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Apr 18, 2019 1:41:59 PM

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Cristina Bertero, owner of Manufacturing Works Member Fully Promoted, was recently featured in the American Express Magazine sharing her thoughts on Supply Chain and Finance. As her husband, Fernando, put it in his announcement, " As always Cristina is our shining star!"

Cristina Bertero: Focus on Relationships

After working as an attorney in her native Brazil, Cristina Bertero found running a Cleveland-based branded materials company required a whole new set of skills.

As the owner of a Fully Promoted franchise, researching legal cases and meeting with clients have been replaced by pitching new prospects and negotiating with suppliers.

"The learning process for me was a big one," Bertero says.

Now in business with her husband, Bertero has learned, through trial and error, the importance of establishing and maintaining good relationships with suppliers.

"I deal with tons of suppliers," she explains. "It is extremely important or we are going to lose money."

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One key, Bertero says, is understanding that suppliers are all different.

"You need to learn from the get-go what the rules are for each supplier," she says. "Some suppliers for example, you pay after you negotiate terms. Other suppliers you pay using your credit card."

With others, Bertero can negotiate discounts for faster payment.

"You need to communicate with each one of them when we start the relationship," she says. "You need to know where you are stepping so you don't have bad surprises."

That doesn't mean nothing can be changed. When Bertero was considering signing a major contract to supply hospital uniforms, she realized her suppliers would need to help her fulfill it.

"The volume is extremely big," she says. "I really need to talk to my suppliers and say, 'I'm not going to pay you in two weeks. I need more time.'"

With her history of communicating, understanding and fulfilling her promises, Bertero is confident that she can get the supply chain finance flexibility she needs.

"It's all about the relationship," she says, "and showing you are doing your part well."

Cristina and Fernando are active members of Manufacturing Works. You will find them entertaining guests on the course as a sponsor of our Golf Outing in August and at many other events. Fernando offers is time and talents to our Resource Development Committee.

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