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Hitting the Ground Running

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Feb 15, 2019 8:17:34 AM

Pandata, a New Manufacturing Works Member

Manufacturing Works is thrilled to welcome new member, Pandata. "We think the skills they can offer our manufacturing members will be invaluable," said Rick Dawson, Manager of Membership Development.

Pandata deals in everything data: machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science as a service. Their team has diverse skill sets, allowing them to understand a broader set of client problems and come up with better solutions.

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Topics: Membership, Member Profile, Pandata

Meet Manufacturing Works' New Director

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Jan 25, 2019 9:51:03 AM

Manufacturing Works continues its evolution with the announcement today of a new Executive Director. Ken Patsey will join the organization as its new leader beginning in February.

Ken is a graduate of Kenyon College where he received his undergraduate degree in Economics and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. While working as an economist, Ken attended the Weatherhead School of Management at CWRU, and earned his MBA with an emphasis in banking and finance.

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Topics: Leadership, Manufacturing Works, Ken Patsey

WIRE-Net Appreciates Our Members

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Aug 17, 2018 12:09:50 PM

On a beautiful Friday in July, 115 WIRE-Net Members "interrupted their summer for a splash of winter!" Whiskey Island Still & Eatery was decked out for Christmas as everyone enjoyed some good food, a cup of holiday cheer, and, of course, a great time with fellow members.

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Honoring Excellence at Our Annual Meeting

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Apr 11, 2018 5:15:47 PM

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, WIRE-Net will continue its tradition of recognizing leaders in the manufacturing community.

In 2000, WIRE-Net established our Mission Builder and Strategic Partner Awards. The Mission Builder Award recognizes industrial companies that exemplify WIRE-Net's mission. Strategic Partner Award winners are individuals or organizations that have a strategic impact on what we do as an organization.

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Topics: Mission Builder Award, WIRE-Net Annual Meeting, ArcelorMittal, Swagelok, Eaton, O'Neill Brothers Foundation, Braden Sutphin Ink Company, Evergreen Cooperatives, Gent Machine Company, TPI Efficiency Consulting

Meet the Team Behind Your Member Profile

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Jan 19, 2018 10:22:06 AM

Felber PR & Marketing, WIRE-Net Member Since 2012

Throughout the last three years, WIRE-Net members have read, shared, and enjoyed in-depth member profiles in our monthly newsletter. In 2018, WIRE-Net's 30th Anniversary, we will feature many of our founding and longstanding members. One of those members has been the quiet voice behind the written member profiles, Felber PR & Marketing. This year, our member profiles will be featured on a special 30th anniversary WIRE-Net website page, as printed handouts at events, and receive additional focus.

Who is the volunteer team behind the member profiles? You know them as Rob Felber and Allison Miller.

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Topics: Membership, Felber PR & Marketing, Member Profile

A Legacy of Recognizing Excellence

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Jan 18, 2018 3:07:53 PM

Since 1990, WIRE-Net has recognized leaders in our manufacturing community.

First, came the Community Improvement Awards in recognition of the companies who invested in their Cleveland neighborhood through industrial expansion, job creation, investment in human resources, and property beautification.

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Topics: Mission Builder Award, WIRE-Net Annual Meeting, Strategic Partner Award

WIRE-Net's Nuts & Bolts Bash

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Oct 19, 2016 10:37:01 AM

"A good time was had by all!"

The annual Nuts & Bolts Bash, presented for the fourth year in a row by Spooner Incorporated, is WIRE-Net's signature fundraiser that launches our giving season with generous sponsorships and donations of in-kind prizes or cash contributions invested in our mission-driven activities. We're pleased to announce that on October 5th you helped us raise over $24,000 in net revenue, breaking budget expectations!

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Topics: Nuts & Bolts Bash, Networking, Fundraising

Innovative Hiring and Onboarding Process Happening Here!

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Jun 3, 2016 2:24:49 PM

Maria Gaeta, the corporate director of human resources for Mar-Bal Inc., headquartered in Chagrin Falls, spoke to a room full of manufacturing HR professionals. She was there to tell the story of how Mar-Bal is facing the challenge of hiring manufacturing labor and turnover head on.

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Topics: Workforce, Seminar Series, Mar-Bal Inc.

WIRE-Net's Super Tuesday!

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Mar 31, 2016 11:09:24 AM

The votes have been cast and a new favorite was chosen. But, before we get to that . . .

We know the real reason people come to WIRE-Net Networking events is to make business connections, and Tuesday's event at Great Lakes Brewing Company, part of the series sponsored by Boondock Walker, was no exception.

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Topics: Networking, Business Connections, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Boondock Walker, Networking Series

What We Saw (and It Was Amazing) at Today's Plant Tour of Jakprints

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Feb 25, 2016 2:06:18 PM

"This is the best plant tour ever," said one WIRE-Net Member. "My mind is going a million miles an hour. I'm definitely going back to the job to see how we can use some of this stuff."

Jakprints, a WIRE-Net Member since 2015, graciously opened their doors to WIRE-Net Members and other manufacturing guests this morning. Dan Byler and Chad Szczepanski showed two groups around their 150,000+ square foot operation, which spans two buildings.

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Topics: Plant Tour Series, Jakprints Inc.

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