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What Really is Digital Transformation and the 5 Steps to Get Started

Posted by Alan Lupus on May 17, 2019 9:03:00 AM

Many in the manufacturing community seem to be talking about digital transformation lately, and why they need to transform how they do business, but what really is digital transformation, and why should you even care about it?

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Small IoT Solutions = Big Payoff

Posted by PWC on May 8, 2019 12:37:00 PM

What we find remarkable about the Internet of Things (IoT) is that it introduces possibilities that were once unimaginable. Organizations that assemble all the pieces of the IoT puzzle the right way can significantly improve efficiency, lower costs, increase customer satisfaction, and even leap over the competition.

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Students Are Eager for Exposure and Real-World Experience

Posted by Jessica Westropp on Apr 22, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Students in the manufacturing pathways at Max S. Hayes High School are eager for exposure and real-world experience. For over five years, Manufacturing Works’ has served as a workforce bridge between high school students and manufacturing companies to act as an internship liaison. Internships can be a win-win workforce recruitment strategy that companies have been seeking by providing a short-term work experience that could potentially lead to long term employment.

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Focus on Relationships

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Apr 18, 2019 1:41:59 PM

Fully Promoted, Manufacturing Works Member Since 2017

Cristina Bertero, owner of Manufacturing Works Member Fully Promoted, was recently featured in the American Express Magazine sharing her thoughts on Supply Chain and Finance. As her husband, Fernando, put it in his announcement, " As always Cristina is our shining star!"

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Congratulations! 2019 Mission Builder Award Winners

Posted by Mari-Elen Sammon on Apr 17, 2019 11:10:00 AM

Since 1990, Manufacturing Works (originally as WIRE-Net) has recognized leaders in our manufacturing community.

In 2000, to honor our expanding mission, WIRE-Net established our Mission Builder Award to recognize industrial companies that exemplify our mission.

This year, keeping the focus on the three pillars of excellence outlined in our 2020 Vision, our award winners were chosen for their success in workforce development, industrial technology, and leadership succession.

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Topics: Mission Builder Award, Annual Meeting, Lincoln Electric, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Bowden Manufacturing, Buschman Corporation

Boost Your Manufacturing Efficiency Using Data

Posted by Callan Ganim on Apr 15, 2019 11:34:38 AM

Setting up a digital manufacturing environment is achievable for manufacturers of all sizes. While it can be overwhelming to think about how to initially set this up, the value gained for companies in the long run far out weighs the initial set up costs. Just as major league baseball managers are using new analytical means to measure the true value of players, manufacturers are increasingly relying on data to drive their decisions. We encourage leaders to take the first step and start small as they begin using data to optimize their operations. Curious what data you can capture and what it can do for you? 

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4 Ways Cyber Criminals Are Threatening Manufacturers

Posted by Tony Pietrocola on Apr 8, 2019 8:32:27 AM

If you believe cyber criminals exclusively target technology or larger companies because of their rich transactional and confidential data, you would be mistaken. Small to mid-size manufacturers have troves of critical IP and confidential data making them just as valuable and vulnerable to cyberattacks. But Manufactures share a big difference, they also have large parts of their operations run by robotics and automation using new technologies like RPA and IoT. Because these technologies are newer, they have big opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit and breach. Manufacturers also have a much smaller or non-existent cybersecurity budget to combat this growing threat.

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Apprenticeships In the 21st Century

Posted by Manufacturing Works on Mar 14, 2019 11:06:59 AM

According to Ideastream, at the end of 2018 about 6.6. million Americans were unemployed and companies had almost as many job openings. In many cases, the people looking for work simply weren’t qualified for the positions that companies needed to fill. One solution to address the labor shortage and the skills gap are apprenticeship programs.

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Addressing Workplace Violence Head-On

Posted by Chas Lowe on Mar 13, 2019 12:09:52 PM

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase workplace violence? If you’re like most people, you picture a physical altercation between employees of the same organization. In reality, workplace violence encompasses any physical or verbal abuse – including harassment, intimidation, humiliation, bullying (incl. cyberbullying), threats, etc. – between employees, customers, vendors, associates & others taking place on-or-off the premises!

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National Safety Apparel Women In Manufacturing

Posted by Lindsay DesJardins on Mar 8, 2019 10:42:17 AM

In 1935, Walter “Wally” Grossman realized after graduating from school that finding employment in the midst of the Great Depression was not going to be easy. He then began developing and manufacturing heat and thermal protective apparel for foundry workers, steel pipe manufacturers and welders in his father’s basement in Cleveland, Ohio. It wasn’t long before Wally’s business took off and his father, George, quit his job and began working alongside his son. Together, they started a successful family business despite severe economic conditions.

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